Business development

Business development

Erhvervshus Nord’s consultants offer independent and objective counselling that focuses on the growth potential of your company and help you find new ways to expand and develop your business.

At Erhvervshus Nord we are aware that no two businesses are the same and we always focus on finding the exact solution that matches the specific needs of your business. We are not afraid to think big, to pursue new paths and to customise our services in order to meet your requirements. The level of our involvement is entirely up to you but you can always rest assured that we will take charge of the entire process from beginning to end. All information provided to our consultants is of course considered confidential.

Our counselling process can be divided into four phases as outlined below. The time and resources spend on each phase can vary depending on the client’s specific needs.


We gain insight into your business and cooperate closely  with you to identify your business’ development and growth potential.

Action plan

 Based on the results of the clarification phase we help you develop an action plan for your company including various solutions to the challenges and needs that we have established.

Problem solving and screening of consultants
If the action plan includes activities that demand the involvement of external consultants, we offer to participate in the screening process helping you find the right candidates for the job. We are for example able to help you with project descriptions and to participate in interviews with the potential consultants.

Fundraising and financing
Our consultants possess in-depth knowledge of relevant subsidy schemes and financing options. We have experience with trade promotion regulations and opportunities in the Northern part of Denmark, and we are able to help you write applications regarding business development projects.


We offer advice on:

Organisational development

Strategy, business development, projects, transfer of ownership, generational handover, networking, setting up a professional board, investments.

Competency development

HR including staff development, executive training, recruitment.

Finances and funding

Budget and accounts, financing, financial management, fundraising for development projects.

Sales and marketing

Export, import, sales, sales promotion, sourcing.

Setting up a business

Entrepreneurship, setting up a division.


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