The local workforce

The local workforce in the municipality of Frederikshavn is cheap, flexible and possesses the qualifications required by the business community.

Education background for the population in Frederikshavn municipality undergoing rapid change.   Education levels of particularly people under the age of 45 are rising and while vocational education is still the most common choice more people are also entering higher education.

The business community in the municipality of Frederikshavn includes strong clusters linked to the maritime sector, the food and fishing industries, to experience economy as well as to the energy sector, and the local workforce primarily possesses the experience and expertise requested by these fields of business.

Wage levels:

Wage levels are markedly lower in a rural district like the municipality of Frederikshavn than in the larger Danish cities. For an office worker in Northern Jutland the average wage is 15 % lower than in the capital area. A metal worker gets paid approximately 11 % less in the municipality of Frederikshavn than in the capital area.   

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