The maritime cluster

In the municipality of Frederikshavn you can become part of one of the strongest maritime clusters in Denmark with more than 100 maritime businesses. The future growth and development of the cluster is facilitated by two large-scale port expansions.  

The maritime businesses based in the municipality are among the leading in Europe in the fields of repair and maintenance, cleantech and greenshipping, conventional port activities, conversion of vessels for the offshore industry as well as new build fishing trawlers and supply vessels for the offshore industry.

The maritime cluster is made up by a strong network of ship yards, subcontractors and specialists ready to take on all types of jobs and challenges 24/7 - anywhere in the world. More than 100 maritime businesses are based in the municipality creating a unique and dynamic  maritime environment. In addition, the municipality of Frederikshavn offers a wide range of maritime educational institutions that build and educate the workforce required by the maritime cluster.

The largest commercial ports in the area are situated in Skagen and Frederikshavn directly at the blue highway with more than 100,000 vessels passing every year and are strategically located for the offshore industry. Both ports are in the middle of large-scale expansion projects improving facilitites and creating new growth opportunities for the area’s maritime businesses.  

The municipality of Frederikshavn provides the ultimate setting for the maritime business community, and the large port expansions in Skagen and Frederikshavn reflect the municipality’s ambitious visions for the future. We are bound for new markets, growth and development. Do you want to get on board?


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